Speech Therapy for toddlers progress report with big help with kids supplements

I just wanted to say I hope the speech therapy for toddlers site gives you some ideas on what to do if you have a baby who can’t talk or speak. Now without any delay, I will talk about my son’s speech progress.

Before Nathan started PPCD, he didn’t know many words. I sat there with him for 3 hours trying to teach him how to speak a word but he refused to even repeat the words after me. All he did was cry and get mad at me. I felt very frustrated at that time. Even after he started PPCD for about half a year he seemed not to show much of a difference. Whenever he got home, he always got sad faces on the piece of paper I had to sign everyday.  His teacher also wrote bad comments about him on his behavior what he did that day.

I have started to see him make big improvements with his speech and behavior after a few more months of giving him kids supplements I wasn’t sure if the supplements were helping him so I stopped giving him supplements for about 2 weeks and he was lazy to go to potty. He just went in his diapers or pull ups.  So I gave him his supplements again and he went back to making improvements.

Now Nathan can say many words, such as mommy, daddy, grandma, apple, his own name. He can count 1 to 10, knows his colors. He can even say “I want cookies please” “thank you“. Not only that, he can also ask for many things like juice, milk, cereal, grapes, go to potty, etc. The best part is he knows when to go to potty with number 1 and 2.

I don’t give him any pull ups anymore during the days but only at night time. He can understand many things when I talk to him. He’s even willing to learn from me when I try to teach him. He won’t throw a fit or get mad at me now. He receives a lot of happy faces through the 4th six weeks. Here is the teacher’s comments from his report card. I wrote it exactly word for word.

1st six week comments: I’ve seen a big change in Nathan since last year. He is really maturing- he handles distractions better + having to wait. He is using the toilet mostly on his own.

2nd six weeks: Nathan has been making great progress in speech and academics.
We have some compliance problems when Nathan gets his mind set on doing something else. We’ll continue to work on his behavior.


3rd six weeks: Nathan is making great progress in all areas.

4th six weeks: Nathan has really matured this year. It’s exciting to see his progress. Some days he is more focused than others.


I think probably I forgot to give him supplements on those days when I was in a hurry to get him ready to go to school. I am so happy that he’s making big improvements. I just feel so happy to hear him say or learn a new word. It’s just music to my ears with a lot of joy. You would definitely know how I feel when you have a toddler late talker.

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