Speech Therapy materials or routines for my little Nathan

speech therapy materialsHere is Nathan’s speech therapy materials or routines. Every day Nathan goes to school for 3 hours. Last year he had 10 speech therapy classes. Each class lasted about 30 minutes.

This year they changed it to 15 classes for 20 minutes because Nathan can’t sit still for that long. I think that is a pretty good idea, but I do wish they would give him even more speech classes. This year he also has music therapy since when they evaluated him he seems responsive more to music.

What kind of things do they teach him in school? Of course they teach him how to talk. They also potty train him and with me reinforcing the routines, now he is able to go to the potty by himself. I also try to teach him with words.  We are using visual pictures to teach him how to ask for things. He’s doing a good job on picking the choices. I repeat the words to him about 3 times. At school the teacher also teaches him how to brush his teeth and wash his hands.

I also got him speech therapy books and dvds. Nathan loves the speech therapy dvd called “Baby Babble”. It costs under $20. This dvd is created by Speech Therapists. He learned a lot from this dvd. He even can repeat many words and sounds with this dvd. He’s been sitting very still until the dvd ends. He’s cracking up with laughter whenever he watches it, even my oldest son loves it too even though he has no problem with speaking.

I highly recommend getting this baby babble dvd for your baby. But first try to look to see if the public library in your area has it. If not you can buy the speech therapy dvd from Amazon. It has over 200 reviews. It is very important to have enough speech therapy materials for your toddler to practice or work on.


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